Dispatch from Kilkenny

Rock N Rollas, 

We began last night in Alice Kyteler's upstairs stone ballroom in Kilkenny, William Outlaw was smiling in the back of the room. 
Petranilla  had vanished, poof. 

Tonight MARAH will perform @ the beautiful SetTheatre in the beating heart of KILKENNY, TONIGHT we will finally get to stretch out and really let go. We intend to blow that very pretty room to bits...we are so happy to be here with so many amazing Irish music fans. Walking home at 1am the cobblestone streets were crawling and writhing and screaming. It would be impossible to even imagine the amount of pints that died like dogs here last night. Billions. Trillions... 

Tomorrow we set sail for the UK....NEWCASTLE (May 2) NOTTINGHAM (May 3) and finally LONDON (May 4th) You should see our RnR band play. Right now. 

Beyond that is España and the beautiful Basque Country where our band has always truly felt at HOME. XOXO 

Life is way too fucked up & short to tolerate bullshit music. 
So fuck the lot of em. 
Be with us now.