"With Angels of Destruction!, Philly natives Dave and Serge Bielanko, and their band have cranked out another relentlessly energetic dose of fast-and-loose brilliance. Angels reaffirms that these scrappy underdogs (and fans from Stephen King and Steve Earle to Bruce Springsteen and Nick Hornby) are not misguided in their unwavering belief that it's still possible to save rock 'n' roll. As long as Marah lives, the epic rock album will not fade away." - Lynne Margolis, Paste Magazine.

"Marah blow the roof off with their barely contained energy. It's street music, soul music, music to walk you off a skyscraper to... You're left with your hair standing on end, shaken up, exhilarated, that hole in your heart temporarily fixed, which is all you can ask of great rock 'n' roll. And God knows, this is great rock 'n' roll."  - Uncut.

"Marah turns sky-high expectations into down-to-earth rock reality that makes your head bang and your heart pump." - Dan Aquilante, New York Post

"... They capture an elusive essence of rock 'n' roll truth that is brash, vulnerable, intense and above all, committed to the cause." - David Sinclair, The Times

"Their performances are raucous, ramshackle, soulful, and utterly committed to the magical notion that rock is a vehicle for a higher power." - Neil McCormick, The Daily Telegraph

"You hardly stand a chance of resisting this music. It gets you deep down where you live. If you have yet to hear, Marah is the hottest thing shaking in rock & roll. I defy anyone to present another band more representative of the genre's ambitions, spirt and energy." - Kandia Crazy Horse, Pop Matters