LONDON crowd was amazing, so much love between them and us. So much past. Some sort of British Airways complimentary sinus infection made performing (singing) far more difficult then usual but who could care? Fuck all that once the lights go down, once the bagpipes begin to play. Any shortcoming at all are quickly swallowed up by the crowd, our personal shit becomes the most irrelevant stuff in the room. It's funny how that works. What remains is massive understanding. So London roared at us and we roared right back.

So many old friends. I heard so many stories from folks about their first UK shows, how happy they were to see us come back together, how sad they were when we really fell apart, people from Italy, Spain, Scotland, Philadelphia! all over the UK. Thanks. It felt cool. Missed u a lot. 

In VALENCIA oranges fall off trees and roll down the sidewalks. It's nothing like the dingy, grey yet desperately romantic Camden Market. Our Spanish crowds are some of our favorites anywhere on Earth. I met a couple who were married to "City of Dreams." I wish I would have got a chance to sing it for them. Next time! They say the beaches in Valencia are some of the greatest in the world. We've prolly played Valencia 10x's now and never ever seen 'em. It's possible that they don't even exist.This time I saw the inside of yet another graffiti dressing room and the end of my brothers guitar swing one half inch from the end of mine as we ducked each other and shared a microphone trying to further illustrate the soul of togetherness as opposed to being alone. In Valencia they get that. 

Up in the front Fans/Friends from Madrid sprayed beer in the air and danced with their shirts off. They are now against all other bands except ours. :) They declared this after bum-rushing the center microphone. I love you :) 

Al Tapas and I stayed up all night and caught the 7am flight up to Bilbao. Amazing sunrise over the left silver wing. Vamos. 

BILBAO-BASQUE COUNTRY- I dunno? Bilbao might be in my top 3 all time favorite places to play RnR. Such spirit, northern soul. We shared the bill tonight w another wicked good American band called Cracker. The hall was jammed w amazing people the vibe was spectacular and hard earned. Through the years we have set a pretty high bar for ourselves here. 

Last night it was great fun trying to jump over it. I'd say we did. Encored w "Angels of Destruction!" then we watched Cracker sing their very woody Guthrie-esque "Take the Skinheads Bowling" and the Marah took a million camera phone photos with the local RnR fans. Gracias amigos! See you this Fall. We missed you so much. 

TONIGHT BARCELONA!! Being so far between records;) and considering having just played BCN this past October we decided to try something a bit different this time, a small RNR bar in a dodgy, un-touristy neighborhood... Fuck yes! Tonight we will rock the shit out of a place called Marula Cafe-49 Escudellers 08002 Barcelona. 9PM! 
It will be tight and sweaty and soulful and it will also be our best performance of our entire lives, ES De Noche ES la Noche. 

Get to Barcelona, find this club. Get inside: fuck fake Rock n Roll, be with us now. 


Soon we go take the kiddos fishing again and MARAH will begin making the best album that we ever will or have....soon we will also blow Philadelphia all apart at Hall and Oates HoagieNation Fest! 

More summertime show announcements coming soon. Travel safe everybody. Remember to de-tune your guitars on the planes. 

If you are waiting on the OldSchoolMarahWAWA tee-shirt, no fear! (and thanks for the letters) loads more of these are shipping out this week. 

Thank you for supporting Independent, American Rock n Roll. -DB