When we were young and crazy and lived in Philadelphia we learned to use a tiny hunting cabin in deepest central Pennsylvania as an escape hatch. We traveled out there whenever we could. Wrote songs. 

Nights, we would drive the old dirt, fire-tower roads. Blacker then black. Stars like you were standing on the moon. We blasted the Ramones, Hank Williams, the TragicallyHip, Social Distortion and Woody Guthrie. We got high and considered what our own band might someday sound like. 

Around that same time we also made a boom box cassette recording with its very own Sharpie magic marker cover. We called it VALLEY FARM SONGS. It was our original dabble into the fine line between RnR and more traditional American music. Folk songs, Grandpa Jones, Waylon, Elvis. (I wish you guys could hear it. Hmmm, maybe one day we can consider releasing that whole, wild, primitive piece of music as well? I'd love that) 

Anyway, years later we doubled back and borrowed the VFS name to use as our official moniker. From that day on our vinyl records would be released under that VFS imprint. 

To celebrate and commemorate ValleyFarmSongs entering into a brand new vinyl distribution affiliation (tell ya all about it in another post soon) we are releasing a very limited addition run of these super cool tee-shirts. 

Two styles! “The Ringer” (S-XL) and “Classic Black” (S-XXXL) 

(I can't lie, a big reason we are manufacturing these shirts is because we wanna wear em ourselves.) 

But you should really consider rocking one too! It directly helps us out. Keeps us alive and making art, really. 

We are excited that going forward our VFS LP's will be available in some of the coolest Indie record shops worldwide. Now more casual fans can stumble upon MARAH as they flip through the racks, word. Movin’ on up. 

Obviously we are super proud of our records and have been sparing no expense in their quality and fidelity and that ain't changin’. 

But if you buy these tee's directly from us, right now, today, It helps us out immensely in continuing that righteous and spendy American pursuit. Making super high quality records. 

Wear this proud, our little mom & pop LP operation is IMO as cool as it gets, a labor of love and integrity and soul and independence in a world of confusion. Rock/Roll. 

The first MARAH shirt the doesn't actually say MARAH, how cool. I’d wear that. 

When they are gone, they are gone. So act quickly. 

Thank you! Also, can't wait to return to you all this Holiday season. Till then! 

Your real friends,