We are extremely  proud of the fact that we are currently playing better Rock N Roll shows then we ever have before. Write it down. This Spring our band was offered a really fun and fast trip to Ireland to play a festival there (Kilkenny! Buy tickets now!) and then we just figured we'd stay on and play London again too. The old neighborhood. 
It is time. 

MARAH are making a new 2017 album. We are playing live shows just enough to keep the band vital and rocking during that time. London is no doubt one of our very favorite cities on Earth. So we ain't really fucking around with this one. 

MAY 4th. Act fast and consider buying a slightly more expensive and limited VIP ticket that includes free pints at the band's 6pm (happy hour) soundcheck/meet & greet, a limited edition MARAH/LONDON autographed poster, spend an hour or so after soundcheck hanging out w the band (give us the books you've written, the albums you've made) let's have a drink, take camera phone pictures and catch up.

We've missed you. 

Over the last bunch of years we have received many hundreds of emails from folks in the UK asking us to return to London so PLEASE share this FB invitation w your rock n roller friends and lets have a night out. NO OPENING BANDS (we fought hard to make it that way) We are planning an epic and comprehensive RnR show. 

We will take the stage on time and play until we drop. 

Buying the VIP tickets is the easiest way to make ambitious shows like this one physically happen. SO THANK YOU. It pays for the very expensive rental amps and drum kits, it buys hotel rooms and airplane tickets, petrol, van drivers and electric guitar strings. That said, we will work our asses off to make it worth your while. 

Come and see our Rock N Roll band play in one of the most important 
Rock N Roll cities of all time. Halle-fuckin-lujah. Still alive.